Heady & Handmade is a little store where an even littler artist peddles her wares. Find psychedelic designs on clothing, tapestries, and more. Geodes and gems abound. Perfumes, lotions, and body-care made to order by hand. 
Find everything a modern hippie needs for his, her, or their home!

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Learn about the artist and her debauchery. Frizzy-haired whacko or enlightened hippie? Little of column A, little of column B...

The owner of Heady & Handmade, Fennir, got her start with art a few years ago, beginning with worn out watercolor markers on loan from a roommate. Those half dead markers lead down a rabbit hole she'd never be able to climb out of. Of course, she's a basket case and couldn't just try one thing. So she began experimenting with both physical and digital mediums, sometimes crossing the two with strange and interesting results. Life for her means focusing her energy on her art, life experiences, loved ones, volunteer work, and rescued pets.

The mission is to find a foundation for sustainability in her work. To be a full-time artist and a full-time activist; to use her abilities as an artist to help her give more of herself, her time, and her funds to helping more of the living to live more fully. 




Please welcome the newest rescue in the house!
Our boop noodle needs your good thoughts and positive vibrations!


Name: Drogon
Age: Approx 3 years
Length: Approx 5ft
Weight: Approx 6lbs (4lbs on arrival)
Species: Columbian Redtail Boa (Common Boa)
Condition: Septic / Metabolic Syndrome




Drogon is a recent rescue of ours, currently on injected antibiotics every three days. He is septic and has a severe metabolic syndrome due to extremely poor husbandry his entire life. He was in really bad condition when he came to us but has been getting stronger. Slowly but surely. The first night we had him home, he drank water for hours. He also looked like he hadn't eaten in at least 7 months. His skin was ragged and there were so many layers of eyecaps left on him, we couldn't see his eyes at all. According to the vet, he likely never had steady access to food or water, and likely didn't have any sources of heat or humidity either. His hunger and thirst definitely showed.

Thankfully for us, and him, we found one another and now we are doing everything we can to get him healthy, make him comfy, and provide him a lifetime of love. Since coming to us, he has taken in more fluids and began to soak in his water bowl on his own, he's eaten several large meals (he's a great eater), shed all his excess eyecaps, had one flawless full-body shed (all in one piece), and has gained two pounds! His temperament is also one of the best we've ever seen in a snake; he's such a friendly and passive guy, especially for what he's been put through. We are grateful for his strong and kind spirit. He truly deserves the best life and we are completely committed to being his loving forever family.


**We are not currently accepting any donations for Drogon. Taking on the financial and time commitment of a rescue animal is a choice that we made and we do not expect anyone else to pay for our choices. If you would like to help support our efforts, please consider donating to your local animal shelter or making a purchase here at Heady & Handmade.**


We will continue to keep you up to date on our rescue family as we progress and grow! A section on Big Bear the Doodle Flop will come soon, he's been with us for several years now so the before and after images are hard to dig up! But rest assured - he is now very large and in charge.